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Environmental Sustainability

Emporium Hotel is proud to have been awarded 2017 Gold Certification status by EarthCheck, representing five years of continuous certification.

We recognise the potential impact our activities have on the environment, locally and globally and strive to minimise the environmental impact of our hotel operations.

We are dedicated to implementing policies aimed at improving the Hotel's environmental performance through efficient use of energy and reduction in water consumption and waste. 

Our teams are committed to creating a healthy environment by implementing sustainability projects and adhering to current procedures. In doing so, we create a Hotel where service, atmosphere and comfort for our guests are rated amongst the best in Australia.   

Some of our sustainability iniatives include: Hotel Roof Top Bees, Colour Coded internal recycling program, the installation of LED lights in the ceilings of all hotel rooms, hotel herb garden and our keep cup program. 

For any further information on the hotel's sustainability initiatives - please contact the hotel on 073253 6999 and ask for the sustainabaility coordinator. 

Emporium Hotel is proud to report the following sustainability results from the past eight years! 


  • Saved a total of 2,156,989 MJ over the past eight years.
  • 17.1% energy saving.
  • This is enough energy to support 91 typical four person households in a developed country like Australia for one year.


  • Saved a total of 574,079 kg CO2-e over the past eight years.
  • 19.1% greenhouse gas saving.
  • Emporium Hotel has avoided enough Greenhouse Gas emissions which is equivalent to taking 193 cars off the road.


  • Saved a total of 659,967 Litres of waste over the past eight years.
  • 38.5% waste saving.
  • This minimised landfilled waste could have filled up 20 standard 20-feet shipping containers OR 105 smart cars.



+ 61 7 3253 6999