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Valet Parking

Overnight Guest Parking: $50.00
Event Parking: $50.00
Casual Outlet Parking (subject to T&Cs): $35.00

Terms and Conditions upon which it is agreed that this motor vehicle is accepted by the undermentioned company its servants and agents. By parking this vehicle with the hotel valet; you agree upon the conditions.

  • Emporium Hotel Management Pty Ltd CAN 621 364 994 / ABN 89 621 364 994 T/A Emporium Hotel South Bank will not accept responsibility for any loss, theft or damage whatsoever of or to the vehicle, its accessories or contents howsoever any such loss or damage may be caused and whether by the negligence or otherwise of the Hotel or of any person acting with or without the authority of the Hotel. The terms of this condition shall extend and at all times apply whilst the vehicle is parking or otherwise in the Hotel's custody or control or whilst it is being moved or driven by any servant or agent of the Hotel. Vehicles and goods are always at the customer’s risk at all times.
  • The hotel may at any time move or drive any vehicle left for parking or on the driveway.
  • To qualify for the discounted rate of $35.00 a sum of $50.00 must be spent at one of the hotel's food and beverage outlets. This receipt must also be validated by a staff member at the food and beverage outlet prior to payment and vehicle collection.
  • Vehicles may be parked in an undercover offsite carpark from time to time based on the hotel’s operational needs.
  • The hotel porter/valet team may from any time need to adjust the physical components of the vehicle to ensure safe driving and full control of the vehicle.


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